Early stage, Full Stack community building, content and growth for Web3 teams

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The Details

We believe Web3 Founders are building some of the most revolutionary products we've seen till date, and CommunityBuild aims to support teams with a critical factor to success: community.Communities in Web3 are co-created with distributed ownership and we ensure we help teams build vibrant ecosystems and communities.

Our team has contributed to top web3 protocols

  • Community Building and Growth

  • Content and Design Creation

  • Strategic Marketing and Campaigns

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Community-Led Fundraising (CLF)


CLF is a brand new investing paradigm, designed to provide value to not just early investors, but early contributors too.Early-stage projects can make use of our CLF Platform to raise milestone-based funding and find incredible contributors from our 10000+ member network to achieve these milestones.

You can get involved in 2 ways:By investing in early-stage ideas or by contributing to these ideas.

CLF #1 - CommunityBuild